AB Glider Trainer Rail Cruncher Abdominal Roller


  • Uses reverse crunch technology to get you the body you’ve always wanted
  • Easy to use, simply lift your legs & you’re engaged in a simple, smart & safe workout
  • Get firmer buns & thighs, rock hard abs & a sculpted lean body
  • The plank pose will help you to attain greater flexibility, strength & balance
  • Choose from 5 resistance levels for cardio or strength training
  • Suitable for all adults of any fitness level
  • Keep track of your workout time, calories & reps with the LED computer
  • Padded to increase comfort during workouts
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Solid and sturdy steel frame
  • Perfect for both men and women

Get in shape the easy way with the powerful Abdominal Trainer – the most incredible fitness machine that utilizes reverse crunch technology to give you a well-toned & sculpted stomach and Abs.

Just spend five minutes a day and you’ll simply be surprised to see the weight loss results. Your daily workouts will greatly improve by performing reverse crunches with the abdominal exercise machine to gain rock hard abs, buns, and thighs.

Using a new generation of abdominal equipment reverse resistance technology to achieve your dream of the perfect body, this powerful fitness solution offers a whole body workout. It is simple and easy to operate. Its breakthrough design allows you to transform a sit-up into a reverse crunch, in one smooth, easy movement. Feel your abdominal muscles contract, squeeze your butt and hips and clench up to develop muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest! With 5 workout levels tailored to fit different fitness abilities, the Ab Power Cruncher Plank can be used whether you are looking for an intense workout or a gentle exercise.



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